A Co-Living Opportunity

for Single Women of Taos County Facing Homelessness
(with or without children)

  • Are you experiencing homelessness?
  • Pending eviction?
  • Imminent loss of your home?
  • Has your income become compromised?
  • Has it become impossible to keep up with your rent?
  • Would you benefit from up to 6 months of low-cost living, rent-free housing, and empowering peer-support to help you re-stabilize income and re-secure permanent housing?
HEART of Taos offers a new co-living opportunity at HEART House specifically designed for single women experiencing or facing imminent involuntary homelessness and who need a transitional place to live for up to 6 months.

Residents of HEART House will experience safe, stable, private, and supportive housing in a community setting while re-establishing income and housing.

  • Women with children will be provided large private family-size rooms.
  • Single women may or may not have a roommate.
  • Funding goal for the first year of HEART House 78.6%

What it takes

Renovations plus Year 1 operation

What we have raised so far

THANK YOU for your generous support!

What we need


The HEART Resource Center

Tuesdays – Fridays, 10am – 2pm

1353 Paseo del Pueblo Sur (south of the VA Outpatient Clinic)

Women experiencing homelessness or at risk of imminent homelessness are welcome!

Help for Women at risk of IMMINENT Homelessness

HEART of Taos launches its CASA Homelessness Prevention Program to help prevent imminent homelessness for women and children facing eviction.. Support services include landlord advocacy/intervention, eviction prevention, short-term financial assistance, help with the heating bills during winter, counseling, and a support group.

Homelessness prevention is an absolutely critical service in any community. We hope to encourage more and more community partners to join us in a collaborative effort to provide financial, emotional/mental,  landlord advocacy, and legal support.

March 23, 2018 – Ribbon Cutting of new expanded Resource Center with Taos Mayor Daniel Barrone.

The HEART Program & Resource Center

HOPE ~ EMPOWERMENT ~ ADVOCACY ~ RESPECT ~ TRANSITION HOUSING The HEART Program and Resource Center welcomes women and transgender individuals over 18, their families and their pets Transitional Housing: Designed to maximize recovery and sense of safety. Short-term Housing and Assistance: Critical “gap-filling” shelter and financial assistance for women in need. Counseling and Support Groups:: Support groups and individual counseling provide weekly Action Plans to help build self-advocacy skills, access all community benefits and provide a step-by-step guide to improving our clients circumstances, both short and long-term. Services Provided Through the HEART Resource Center Advances Participants through the Program:

  • Employment Prep – resumes, mock interviews, and professional clothing, computer access
  • Storage, moving and house outfitting services – private storage, furniture and household items
  • Money Management – budget, savings, debt management and basic money management
  • Monthly Meals, Social Gatherings, and Support Groups –  social and cultural gatherings, and self-esteem building transformational activities
  • Peer Advocacy – peer to peer outreach and support​
  • The HEART Community E-Network — Utilizing email and Facebook, we reach out to our community on behalf of the homeless women of Taos to secure donated products and services, furnishings and household items, employment opportunities and affordable housing. We share inspiring stories, showcase the skills and expertise of self-employed women transitioning out of homelessness, and keep our community informed of HEART of Taos activities, events, and progress.​​
  • The HEART Free Boutique — Located in the HEART Resource Center, free high quality clothing, shoes and accessories donated by the generous women of our community are available for women assisted by HEART of Taos.
  • The HEART Resource and Public/Subsidized Housing Guide — Many clients tell us that the Resource and Housing Guide ALONE empowers them to immediately feel hope,  navigate community services and benefits, and experience confidence that they WILL get back on their feet!
TEAM H.E.A.R.T. Circle of Hope

Short-term Assistance


HEARTof Taos provides up to one week of short-term housing and assistance for women (and her family and pets) experiencing involuntary homelessness and who are current Taos County residents.


We conduct a full informational intake and assessment interview, and in conjunction with discussion and interaction we determine if and how to best partner with each woman. We consider ourselves a mid-barrier entry program: We welcome Taos County women and transgender individuals 18 and over with or without children and pets, in recovery, exiting incarceration,  experiencing loss of income, health, and many other life circumstances, events, and traumas that result in current or imminent involuntary homelessness. Although we do not have the expertise or facility to provide the specialized support needed for women living with severe mental illness or active substance abuse, or women fleeing immediate domestic violence, we do make referrals to appropriate community partners. Short-term shelter, Transitional Housing, and Rental Assistance Program Participation Requirements: We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal drug use, threats or assaults to HEART staff, board or volunteers, and illegal activity and violence of any kind. These program participation requirements are designed to keep each woman moving forward in her life.​


Consider making a donation today. Or join our amazing group of monthly donors — TEAM H.E.A.R.T.— who help us to sustain our work of empowering women (and their children and pets) to transition out of homelessness,. Select any amount of recurring monthly gift. Cancel or change it at any time. Visit our TEAMHEARTPage to learn more or click on a DONATE button. ​ On behalf of the homeless women of Taos, we thank you!​​

The HEART of Taos Winter Street Outreach Program

Primary Mission of HEART of Taos HEART of Taos provides programs, services and transitional housing to Taos women (and their children and pets) who experience homelessness or are at imminent risk of homelessness (eviction prevention). Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to re-stabilize lives, emotionally/mentally recover from the trauma of homelessness, and make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring for the individuals we serve. Winter Street Outreach Program for Men and Women During the winter, where it can become life-threatening to live outdoors, HEART of Taos expands who we serve through our Street Outreach Program to men and women living on the street. This service is made possibly thanks to HEART of Taos Community donors and TeamHEART members, county funding for the indigent, community-donated items, and volunteer assistance. This program is led by a HEART of Taos staff person, our Street Outreach Counselor. Volunteers interested in participating in the Street Outreach Program may apply at the HEART Resource Center at 204 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Suite C (north end of Coldwell Banker building across from Kit Carson Park).

What is Street Outreach? The HEART of Taos Street Outreach Program engages 3 components of service:

  1. Distribution of supplies — for winter street survival and basic needs
  2. Sharing of Information — about resources, agencies, accessing benefits, and shelter
  3. Building relationships — to ultimately compel individuals to access community resources, re-engage with the community, and secure safe winter shelter.

People homeless and living on the street, in their cars or in uninhabitable dwellings have disengaged from community, lost hope and trust, and are not accessing services through the traditional system. Our Street Outreach Counselor(s) bridge the gap, meet individuals where they are, and help provide the support they need to survive and move forward in their lives.

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