If you have never been

homeless, it might be hard to imagine. The uncertainty, the fear, the struggle, the instability, the loss of dignity and hope… No one ever expects to be homeless.

What if you lost your health, your income, your home, your partner, your savings. What would you do?  Where would you turn?


HERstories portray the experiences of women and children in our community facing the overwhelming and daunting experience of homelessness.

Based on actual events with select details and names changed to protect privacy, each HERstory gives you a deeper glimpse into the world of homelessness — what it’s like for women, how they get there, what they face, how they move through the process of recovering and re-stabilizing, the ups and downs mentally, practically and emotionally, the diverse factors, and how we support, assist them, and empower them.

HEART of Taos is here to help. Through our walk-in day-use Resource Center, we provide a wide range of support services to help women and children facing homelessness meet their needs and get back on their feet.

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HERstory – Teresa

Imagine a brilliant woman who doesn’t “fit” into the ordinary world. I empathize greatly with the unique and bright minds of individuals who are misfits in our community and who are extremely vulnerable to experiencing homelessness. How many stories have we heard...

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HERstory – Anjelica

Where I was living before, it was bad. There was a lot of drugs and alcohol. I didn’t have anywhere else to go, and I have a little boy. I don’t want him in that kind of place. I started living in my car, parking in different places all over town. I was scared. I...

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HERstory – Lydia

Lydia arrived in the office on a Thursday.  She had a young son, Tyler, a Siamese cat, and all her earthly belongings in her older model hatchback.  Faint hints of chlorine hung to their clothes and hair belying a $2.00 shower at the local swimming pool. She wanted to...

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Where do you turn?

HERstory Taos women – our neighbors, sisters, co-workers, mothers, daughters and grandmothers – face homelessness every day. One trigger event often starts a daunting spiral into homelessness. HEART of Taos provides vital short-term assistance, support services and...

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