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HEART Hotel Program

Due to COVID-19, HEART House transitioned to HEART’s Hotel Program in October 2020 for the safety and health of the guests and staff.  To avoid any outbreak, HEART of Taos believes this is the safest way to continue to support women and families facing homelessness during a worldwide pandemic.

All services and support – including free case management – will be administered to the HEART of Taos guests through HEART’s Hotel Program. If guest(s) exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, then they can safely isolate in their individual rooms while staff continues to safely provide “no-contact” delivery of supplies and food during their isolation period. Since each household will have their own hotel room with bathroom and amenities, this will allow guests and staff to safely interact.

A majority of HEART of Taos’ budget is now allocated to operate HEART’s Hotel Program. Even with a discounted hotel room rate, the hotel costs do add up! Please help support HEART so that we can continue to support the community in a safe and effective way.

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